Propeller Shafts


Made from 303 grade Stainless Steel, propeller shafts made to any length.

Each shaft comes with machined taper, keyway and key, castellated brass nut and washer or standard brass nut and tab washer.

The other end can be keywayed to facilitate your coupling if required.

Available in the following diameters.

Imperial  3/4inch  to  1 1/2inch        Metric 20mm  to  38mm



Size           1 1/4in Dia   1 1/2in Dia
   24in        70.00         75.00
   30in        88.00         95.00
   36in        92.00       109.00
   42in      124.00       129.00
   48in           NA       140.00

Intermediate shafts between engine room and stern gear.

Flanges to mate  your shaft with your universal joint.

For customers wanting shafts made from 316 Stainless Steel please contact for price.


There are many different tapers used out there in boating land. The most common are  1:10   1:12   1:16   1:20 with the odd 

oddity thrown in for good measure. The most common in Narrowboat terms is 1:12. If you are doing repair or refurbishment

and are not sure what taper your shaft or propeller is  I can help you to measure it over the phone, if you have a vernier caliper.