Brass Curtain Rod Ball End Brackets




Curtain Rod End Brackets turned from solid brass bar.

Base is 1in dia and the Ball end is 3/4in dia.

Available in four sizes, 1in , 1 1/4in,  1 1/2in  or  2in

Drilled as end, through or corner configuration for 3/8 dia rod.

These brackets can be used for all sorts of things,fiddle rails around solid fuel fires, hearths,around counter tops, shelf fronts etc.Undrilled they actually make first class coat hooks in your stern cabin as you can fix them tight to the ceiling for maximum drop.

1in       1 1/4in 1 1/2in 2in      
£3.50    £4.00 £4.55 £4.95

 The base of these brackets can be drilled and tapped for fixing from below, countersunk screw holes would then be omitted.

Design your own shape and size, all the above can also be supplied to take 5/16in or 1/4in rod.