Weed & Rope Cutters for Freemans



Ever wished that you could fit a Rope and Weed cutter to your Freeman Cruiser,well now you can.

About three weeks ago I received an email from Joe asking if I had ever supplied a cutter for a Freeman. Joe,s problem was a massive increase in weed on the Grand Canal in Southern Ireland between Dublin and Newbridge,County Kildare, due to the lack of commercial traffic this year


I emailed Joe with a few  ideas but as I have never been on a Freeman I was unfamiliar with the layout and as such my brainwork was dispatched to join the weed.Eventually Joe came up with his own solution but it depended on me skimming down one of my clamp on cutters.


By undoing and sliding the shaft back, Joe discovered that there was excess shaft inside the coupling that could be drawn out,thus widening the narrow space between the propeller and P bracket to allow the fitting of a weed & rope cutter.Not being greedy,Joe settled for a 26mm gap,requireing a cutter of 20mm thickness if the reccomended distance of 6mm for water circulation around water lubricated bearings was to be followed.

Joe then drilled new registers into the shaft for the bolts and wired them up with stainless steel wire.His final action was to submerge himself into the canal and fix the cutter.

I see no reason why this should not be 100% successful,the mechanical soundness has not changed,the only difference is a piece of unused shaft has been pressed into service.Joe also says that an added bonus is that a piece of new shaft is in the packing gland and bearing.

So there you have it,if you fancy giving it a try that's how one frustrated Irish canal boat skipper tackled the problem.      


Joes boat is a 1969/70 Freeman 22 MkII


and as you can see it is in first class condition after his total rebuild. Many thanks Joe.