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 Jims Engineering can supply custom bike parts to self builders and custom bike builders.

If you are building our own bike then parts can be machined to your specification.


Jims engineering supplied many of the brass parts for this amazing Custom MZ Motorbike built by Hackshack Customs of Derby.


STOCK PARTS        I usually keep a few parts as ex stock items. These are mainly footpegs. If you have a design for footpegs that you want making then call Jim for a quote.


                   Polished Brass Footpegs

Solid Brass footpegs. 110mm long x 32mm dia.
Drilled and tapped 10mm x 30mm deep.Other     threads available.

                     Price. £79.00           P&P £4.50



BrakeGearBRwebMatching Gear and Brake pegs for the Brass Footpegs Above.

Machined from solid brass in the same style as the footpegs they are, 22mm dia x 60mm long and tapped 10mm for fixing.

 Price. £60.00        P&P   £3.50

  Buy both sets for £140.00 Inclusive of P&P


                          FP_Ssteel                                                                                                Stainless Steel Footpegs.  

Similar to the Brass Footpegs they are                              

Machined from 303 grade stainless steel.


The footpegs are 110mm long x 30mm  dia with a 10mm threaded mounting hole.

                   Price  £64.00  + P&P £4.50

BrakeGearSSwebMatching Stainless Footpegs for your Brake and Gear Shift.

Machined from 303 grade stainless steel to match the Footpegs above.

Sizes are 60mm long x 22mm dia x 10mm threaded mounting hole.

                                                                                Price £48.00 +  P&P £3.50 

Buy both pairs for £116.00 inclusive of shipping. 



BrakeGearBullitwebGive your bike the Full Metal Jacket with  BULLITfootpegs                                                                                               

Machined from 303 stainless steel and solid brass the footpegs are as you would expect

30mm in calibre x 110mm long x 10mm mounting thread. The two part construction are

pressed together and fixed in place with a 5mm ss hex socket screw to ensure that they stay in one piece.                                             Price £79.50 + P&P £4.50 


        Matching Footpegs for Gearshift and Brake.

             Similar construction as the footpegs they are:

               20mm in calibre x 62mm long x 10mm fixing.

                                Price £54.50 + P&P £3.50

              Buy both sets for £140.00 inc all shipping costs.






Call 'em what you like, a big polished bellmouth beats an air filter for looks any day of the week.



  Made from Brass or Aluminium,   I will make bellmouths to fit 'ANY'  carburettor.

You can have 'em as a big and as long as you like, any diameter, any length, any flare.

Call or email with your dimensions for a price.


  Big is Beautiful!


Bell_Mouth_Big Bell_Mouth_Blackberry

  Custom Bellmouth 

for a 

Mikuni HSR 45 Carb

on a Twin Cam

Harley Davidson


 Internal bore 65mm to fit carb. Outside dia at carb 70mm. Outside dia at bell 100mm. Height 80mm


If it can be made I can make it. I didn't keep too much in the way of photos of bike parts untill e'ad came along.
But here's a few small jobs that have been done for bikers.

Custom front axle conversion for a
BMW Dakar 600.
BMW forks off, Yamaha forks on.
Material; Stainless Steel.

    Polished copper oil lines with brass banjos.
These were for a Yamaha XT 660 engine.

honda goldwing bushes
 Stainless steeel shock absorber mounting bushes for aHonda   Goldwing Trike.

Brass horn bezel for the MZ pictured above. This was for a standard horn which is usually available on eBay  

This is a modified foot brake pedal for a
Laverda SF2
This is a dipstick for the MZ Baghira or e'ad as featured in
the December issue of Back Street Heroes.
The engine oil is apparently in the frame of this bike.


Handle bar risers made from Brass.

Also available made in stainless or aluminium.

Risers made to your design.

If you want a part making please give me a call or email jim at
or phone 01524752274 / 07980382064

 Wilsons and their Motorbikes


















Not a lot to say about any history of bikes in our family but here's Jim and Tom Wilson  on their machines Circa 1940.

    Toms bike (top) is a Norton, I have no idea what my dads was. BSA, Matchless, Royal Enfield ???

Just had aphone call from Jim, the owner of the MZ. He informs me that my uncle Toms bike is in fact a 1930's

 Raliegh 500cc single. He recognised the tanks as he bought two an had them fitted to his bike e'ad.

Any info on the bottom photos of my dad would be appreciated.



  Anything for your Bike Customisation.

  Available to your own design in Brass Statainless Steel & Aluminium.

  Call Jim on 07980382064 / 01524752274     This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

 Shipping prices for all UK postcodes only.

 I will post world wide, please email for shipping costs to your country.

In the past I have posted to USA, Canada, Holland, France, Ireland, Malaysia, Spain. Croatia.