Need brake rods, spring shackles or balance beams for your 1964 Atkinson, wheel nuts for your 1943 Ford Pilot, 1in whitworth studs for your static steam engine,or maybe you just want some bronze bushes and a shaft to make a wind generator for your battery bank,  then Jims Engineering is for you. All parts machined to your sample or specification, sent by post to your door. There is no months of waiting while time is found to fit you in and no hourly rates that were designed to put you off in the first place.



Need parts reconditoned,brake drums skimed, threads cleaned or repaired, worn shafts turned down and keywayed or a square acme or buttress thread cutting, look no further, Jims Engineering can help you out.

I have made parts for all types of vehicles, boats, and  other projects. I could do the same for you.

See below some of the engineering operations that can be carried out

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 General Turning, Boring and Drilling



      P4280437web        P4280454web2

              Slotting and Keyways For Bushes, Flanges, Couplings, Gears and Propellors.



                A Wide Range Of Threads In Metric Or Imperial Can Be Machined,

           This Example Is A 2 1/2in Whitworth thread in a new three jaw chuck backplate for a

               customers Woodhouse & Mitchell Junior 7 lathe.



Custom Motorbike parts made from brass for a project by Hack Shack Custom Bikes.

Parts include Carb Bellmouths,Foot Pegs,Matching Brake and Gear Lever.Bar Risers and Exhaust Trims.



These are a pair of assister rams for a 1964 Fordson Major/County  Super 6 Tractor.They are all but impossible to find as they have been obsolete parts for many years. The customer insists on absolute attention to detail when restoring his tractors and as such was not prepared to use built up or modern kit rams. The ram on the right was copied in detail and a full working drawing made thus making further copies possible.



Not all jobs are big . This is the brake pedal from a 1975 Laverda SF2  motorbike. A classic machine imported from Italy in the early 70s.Top speed 116mph, 0 - 60mph 5 secs.

The customer wanted to change the brake pedal for ease of use without altering the existing pedal,so this stub shaft was made identicle to the existing one and  a modified lever added. The existing unit being saved,undamaged for replacement as and when required.



If you would like a pair,or require some other obsolete parts making then give me a call at

Jims Engineering


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                    If you have something that you want machining then contact,